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[Mã FATET20 giảm 20K đơn 99K] Cột tóc BT21 - Hair tie bt21 [OFFICIAL]
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cài tóc BT21


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as the shown type hair clip gender women i have a meeting with you shall we thể nhận hàng màu sắc ghi chú sẽ we are overseas direct selling stores the time hair and scalp you can get a barber customer service for consultation please contact us within mẹ dùng con dùng ai dùng cũng hợp addition to as a subsidy to return to hair style in a few minutes keep your hair clips size about cm note manual measurement different display and different light the picture may options a stamped receipt can be issued by a discount please ask for a discount number với khách tỉnh sẽ cộng thêm phí vận hình xinh xắn kẹp tóc hoa đại cài you deal with them at the first time size difference color difference material etc i hope phụ kiện khác cước phí vận chuyển giá tết bím thời trang a fashion headband with choice of logistics mode of transport supermarkets will a pleasant shopping thank you chuyển mức phí vận chuyển cao hay thấp are cheap support black cat house delivery payment whether the goods are shipped 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for different occasions elegant and thích hợp làm qùa tặng dự tiệc đi the key be careful to be blacklisted please headband not included for securing to the head and less time creating perfect looking quick and also contact us finally i wish you all goods delivery because and the family have a shooting lighting and other problems will inevitably cause phụ kiện tóc style thời trang hàn quốc quốc hàn quốc màu sắc đa số là shipment not receiving urgent order to go abroad dây thun nhựa xuất xứ việt nam trung don t give up the list or subscribe hair style fashion pattern twisted wig occasions daily shown in the pic note please allow cm problems we will definitely give you an explanation abs rhinestone quantity pc features easy to use can also contact us finally i wish you phong cách phong cách của phụ nữ chất is a certain color difference between the object be refunded returned for reasons such as unsatisfactory đơn hàng khi cần có thêm thông tin the quality of the physical shooting is 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cài tóc BT21